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Eco-Friendly packaging

It is very important for me that my clients receive their jewelry carefully packed especially for them, with recyclable materials of the best quality and that they notice that they are not only a pair of earrings, they are many hours of love dedicated to these pieces that are going to make them feel and look special.

I take care of every detail and the packaging is the last step but not of lesser importance; each pair of earrings is hung on a card that has written on the back  all the information on the care and treatment they should give them; They are placed inside a 100% Cotton Muslin bag that they can reuse; I print and cut cards by hand specifying materials, I include Colombian coffee candies, because they are part of my roots, which I feel proud of and we all love them! Lastly, the box where I pack them is 100% recycled and recyclable corrugated cardboard.

This whole process guarantees that my earrings will reach your hands with all the love that I have put into them. I hope you like and enjoy them… They are unique, handmade for you!