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I spend lots of hours designing and creating my earrings.  The economic value is nothing compared to all the love and time that I dedicate to every detail. There are many steps to get to the final product. I first have to design the mold by hand, create a digitized version on the computer, then have it printed in 3D. I dedicate a lot of effort to this step because the success of my final product depends on this process.  I create prototypes that I use to evaluate not only the time it takes to create them but the popularity they will have with my clients. Once this has been done we start with the process of working with the clay. The clay has to be worked through a pasta machine. When it’s ready I use the molds I made to create the designs. I then place the clay pieces in a conventional oven at 275º F for 50 minutes. After they have cooled, I polish, sand, and assemble each design. I finally take photos of the earrings, edit each picture and calculate the prices.

The last part of the process is the most exhausting yet the one which I must dedicate the most time to in order to grow my business. Marketing and promoting on social media as well as maintaining my website up to date. Finally, the most gratifying part of the process packaging my designs with all the love in the world, so that my clients receive their precious jewels in perfect condition. Each and everything piece I create is handmade by me, from start to finish. ❤️